Pocket Spring or Coil Spring Mattresses

Pocket Spring or Coil Spring Mattresses

Hello, it's Ross here from Glencraft and today we’re back with another video for you about a question we get asked a lot...

“What are the differences between coil sprung and pocket spring mattresses?

What Are They?

At the centre of your mattress you’ll find either a coil spring or a pocket spring unit.

Pocket spring mattresses offer more support than the older coil spring units. The individual springs that make up the mattress are housed in their own little pockets and work independently of each other. Unlike the coil springs which are all linked together and tend to move as one.

Movement / Compression

As you can see on this coil spring unit the movement is spread across the whole mattress, so if your partner moves in the night, you’re going to move too!

But because the pocket springs are individually housed, when I compress them the movement is isolated to that specific area of the mattress.

What problem do they solve?

This makes them ideal for people of two different body weights because they reduce that ‘roll-together’ movement between you and your partner

Just look at how supportive the springs are as we compress the mattress, imitating your body movement.

Take a look at the pocket spring mattress range here.