How long should a mattress last?


Do you have a guarantee for your mattress?

Every mattress and manufacturer of mattresses is different. But we always advise that your mattress should last for at least 8 years and be guaranteed for it's quality for 10 years.

Cheaper mattresses won't offer guarantees like this so you need to decide what sort of investment into your sleep you are making.

Once you are spending more than $10,000 a 5-10 year quality guarantee should be standard so look out for that.

If you are buying online then take a look at the company you are buying from:


  • When were they established?
  • How long have they been selling mattresses?
  • Are they part of a bigger company?


You want to make sure that you trust the company you are buying your mattress from and that they will do right by you should anything go wrong.

Don't forget when you mattress arrives to make sure you receive a copy of the guarantee and you store is somewhere safe.

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