Cotton Mattress

Using Cotton In Mattresses

Cotton is one nature’s softest and most comfortable fibres. Almost pure cellulose, cotton is the world’s most widely used natural fibre. Glencraft’s beautifully soft cotton allows air to circulate around your body, keeping you dry and comfortable in a healthy sleeping environment.

Like many natural fibres, cotton is soft, breathable and very gentle on our skin. A versatile fibre which is also strong and durable with excellent absorbency characteristics which are needed to absorb our perspiration during the night then ventilate and wick away perspiration and humidity.

You may have noticed how cool and dry you feel on a warm day when you wear a cotton shirt rather than one made from synthetic materials. This is due to cotton’s ability to ventilate and wick away perspiration and humidity. Your perspiration during the night evaporates very easily if you sleep on a bed that breathes and use bed linen that does likewise.