Royal Warrant

Royal Warrant Mattress Manufacturer

Since 1843, Glencraft have been manufacturing the finest Mattresses. Every Glencraft bed and mattress is built from the highest quality materials, from individually coiled springs, felted wools, cottons, natural horsehair, alpaca, silks and cashmere.

Our beds can be found in Royal Residences, having serviced four generations of the Royal Family. We are incredibly proud to be a holder of a prestigious Royal Warrant by appointment to Her Majesty The Queen.

You may well have slept in one of our beds in one of many of the premium hotels that we supply to across the UK including Gleneagles, The Bonham, The Chester Residence or the five-star Marcliffe in Aberdeen.

We are proud of our long history dating back to 1843, our finely crafted products and, most of all, our people who are ultimately the real source of our strength and success. We are a trading social enterprise and registered charity.

Our main objective as a social enterprise and growing business is to continue to provide “Dignity through Work” to our passionate, skilled colleagues. Consequently we have in place a strong staff training system which allows open discussion on training needs and developing our staff in both craftsman skills, administration and business skills.

We take pride in our workforce and the impressive skill sets that exist within each of them. Within our history you will see that the Glencraft team is resilient, determined to be the best in adversity and produce products which are unique in terms of their overall quality and added value to the community.

Essentially a handcrafted operation, our factory and workshops allow us to create and manufacture non-standard items to meet customer’s individual specifications and requirements. People come to Glencraft because they trust the quality of our products and because of the emphasis that we place on excellent customer service