Should I Buy A Mattress In A Box?


If you are looking for an affordable mattress with a free trial and quick delivery then a mattress in a box might be right for you. But where do you start? 

All of these mattresses in a box have a similar product offering. Generally these are a foam or latex based product that is compressed and rolled to fit inside a box for easy delivery.

Some of these mattresses will contain springs but most are just foam layers or some very thin and small springs.

The downside (in our opinion) is that these mattress aren't as good at controlling temperature and moisture because they aren't made with natural materials. We also find that our customers prefer the comfort and support of full height pocket springs to help stop movement across the surface of the mattress.

Price makes these mattresses very attractive as they are half the price of an entry level luxury mattress. But it's important to consider that you are making an investment into the next 10 years of your health and wellbeing.


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