A Social Enterprise Mattress Company

Glencraft Mattresses - a social enterprise

A “Not for Profit” Social Enterprise, Glencraft is also a registered Charity. Ever since we were founded in 1843 it's been our mission to help people sleep better while improving the lives of both our customers and staff.

Glencraft is proud to manufacture and offer our clients the highest quality luxury mattresses. Every purchase our customers make changes the lives of our staff and the local community, while also making a positive impact on society.

The company has a long, extensive history of fine craftsmanship. In 1818, a Miss Christian Cruickshank gifted money for an organisation to provide work to unemployed and disadvantaged people resident in Scotland.

glencraft mattresses social enterprise

20 years later, as this fund was accumulating interest, it enabled the organisation that would become Glencraft to open its doors in 1843.

During the first 60 years the trust fund provided a school, workshops and allowed the company to employ over 300 people. Until the end of the 19th century part of the building was also leased as a hospital for the orphans of Aberdeen.

Our main objective as a social enterprise and business is to continue to provide “Dignity through Work” to our passionate, skilled colleagues. Consequently we have in place a strong staff training system which allows open discussion on training needs and developing our staff in both craftsmanship skills, administration and business skills.

People come to Glencraft because they trust the quality of our products and because of the emphasis that we place on excellent customer service. As a social enterprise the sale of every mattress makes a positive impact on the lives of all Glencraft employees and the wider community.

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