1000 Pocket Spring Mattress


How many pocket springs in a mattress?

A 1000 pocket spring mattress can be described as an entry level of pocket springs in a mattress. It's important to note that the exact number will vary up and down from 1000 depending on the size of the mattress.

Most manufacturers will base the advertised number of pocket springs on either a King or Super King pocket spring mattress.

You will find mattress with less but with the range available nowadays it's really worth starting at 1000+ pocket springs. These springs will provide support and motion isolation as you sleep. Pocket springs will spread your weight across the mattress and are the foundation for the support you receive as you sleep.

Some mattresses still have coil spring design which should be avoided for a pocket spring mattress design instead.

1000 pocket spring mattresses are available in all levels of firmness, including orthopaedic (extra firm). These is made possible by varying the spring tension to adjust the level of firmness and support across the mattress.

Pocket springs are a good starting point for making your mattress choice. It's then important to look at the layers used above and below these springs. These layers can dramatically alter the level of support.

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