Should I buy feather or down pillows or duvets?


What is the difference between down and feather?

The most immediate difference you’ll see is that feathers have a noticeable quill, which is the sharp bit that sometimes pokes you through the sheets.

Feathers are firmer and more structured than down and therefore offer more support.

They’re also cheaper than down, largely due to the availability of them.
They cover the whole bird but are not as good an insulator as down.

Down is the premium soft fine cluster, that sits beneath the outer layer of feathers on ducks and geese.

Down only covers around 10% of the bird, and it’s usually found on the breast which is the part that sits around the water line.

Down clusters provide unrivalled insulation and are incredibly light, giving these birds the warmth and mobility to thrive in very cold conditions.

Downs ability to wrap you in a cloud like comfort is what makes it the gold standard in bedding.

Ok so recap:

1.Feathers have a noticeable quill

2.Down is far more expensive than feather largely due to the scarcity of it

3.Down clusters provide unrivalled insulation are incredibly light for that cloud like comfort

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