Mattress Topper For Back Pain


Suffering with back pain is something everyone would like to avoid. Back pain can be caused from a wide range of issues and curing it a long process. For some they will always have some residual back pain so prevention is particularly important.

The best starting point to relieve back pain is a high quality, supportive mattress. The majority of back pain sufferers prefer a firm mattress to help abate the symptoms. A pocket spring design will provide excellent isolated support across the mattress.

If you are not ready to change your mattress then a topper may help. Most are made with memory foams but a natural latex would be a better choice. You will also find more luxurious toppers that are made using natural fibres like horsehair toppers and wool toppers.

You won't get the same level of support from a topper as you would from a mattress. If your back pain is serious or worsening then it might make more sense to invest in a new mattress.

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