The Five Star Hotel Mattress

The Five Star Hotel Mattress

Nestled into the landscape, in a small village outside of Aberdeen, is where you will find a sanctuary of luxury, relaxation and opulence.

As you move from the grand reception further into the hotel you wouldn’t be surprised to brush shoulders with Prince Charles, Rod Stewart or legendary golfer Tom Watson. Quickly you realise this is no normal hotel, you have discovered something that extra bit special.

The Marcliffe at Pitfodels is recognised as both a 5* and ‘Small Luxury Hotel of the World’. It was officially opened in 1993 by Mikhail Gorbachev and since then the door has not stopped revolving for other high profile guests - the photographs on the piano in the drawing room highlight the company you will be keeping during your stay.

Guests can sample the local-grown menu complemented by the finest fish, meats and game - all of which are sourced fresh and local to guests delight. Walks in the 11 acre grounds, nearby golf, fishing and exquisite dining experiences can leave guests feeling tired and ready for an early night. And it’s there, in one of the 37 luxury rooms and suites that you really unwind.

In 2016 the Marcliffe began a journey to develop it’s own mattress. While hotels are continually encouraging their guests to visit and stay this move did seem rather unique. However, the inspiration had come from the guests themselves.

“The feedback from the guests was part of the reason we decided to develop The Marcliffe Mattress” said Stewart Spence, owner of the hotel. “We found that guests were stripping the beds to try and find out where the mattress came from. That’s why it’s been great to tell them, well the beds are made locally by Glencraft”.

The mattress is designed around a 1500 pocket spring unit. This is the starting point for providing a superior level of comfort and support. The Marcliffe mattress is then layered on both sides with horsehair that actually moves moisture away from the body and expels it from the mattress. It’s this process of wicking moisture that keeps us cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

A 5* hotel does demand a certain level of opulence and this was paramount when designing a mattress to compliment it. The comfort layer of the mattress is a blend of cashmere and silk. These luxury natural layers provide a delicate finish to this unique mattress.

Do you remember the last time you woke up in a luxury hotel room. That feeling of pure relaxation. Refreshed, energised and so comfortable that you didn't want to get out of bed. Now imagine that feeling every day in your own home.

The Marcliffe mattress is an opportunity for anyone to take home that feeling they get when staying at a 5* Hotel.

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