Mattress Warranty Service

Glencraft mattresses are covered by a 10 years limited warranty. This mattress warranty service extends to the original purchaser of the mattress and to all mattresses purchased directly from Glencraft (Hong Kong) Limited.

This mattress warranty service is not transferable and applies only to a mattress purchased from Glencraft (Hong Kong) Limited by the original purchaser. The mattress warranty service is only available within Hong Kong.

Please follow the care instructions to ensure your warranty remains valid. Kindly register for the mattress warranty service within 14 days date of delivery, you can register online via e-Warranty or by submitting the mattress warranty service card that arrived with the mattress.

Please do not remove the label attached to your mattress as it will identify and assist in validating your rights under the mattress warranty.

The warranty covers:

      • Coils or wires that are loose or broken.
      • Coils or wires that protrude or tear through any fabric.

The warranty does not cover

      • Personal preference in regard to
      • Damage caused by but not limited to burns, misuse, neglect or accident.
      • Normal wear and tear, including normal body impressions less than 3.8cm.
      • Failure to keep the mattress clean and free of stains and potential unsanitary conditions.
      • Mattresses used on an unsuitable base. For a timber slat base, the slats must be no more than 7cm apart any greater width than 7cm will require a centre rail. 
      • Fabric stains, soiling, burns or fraying caused by rubbing (e.g. against a slat base)
      • Pocket spring coils found to be bent due to inappropriate handling, folding, sitting on the mattress edge, standing or jumping on the product. 
      • Minor manufacturing imperfections. 

When it comes to handmade mattresses, it is not uncommon for them to experience a slight shrinkage in dimensions upon arrival at your home, sometimes reaching up to 5%. This occurrence is a result of these mattresses being meticulously crafted using all-natural materials and pocket springs. However, they will gradually regain its normal size with regular use and proper plumping.

To make a valid claim under this Mattress Warranty, please contact us via Email: immediately when you identify a defect in your product.

In order to ensure a smooth processing procedure, please provide us with the relevant photos and original sales invoice of the defective products to exercise your warranty rights.