Mattress Care Guide

Thank you for making the decision to purchase a Glencraft mattress to sleep on. It is an excellent investment for a perfect sleep and a perfect sleep can lead to a better quality life.

With good care, your Glencraft mattress will deliver the finest sleep for a long duration time.


    • Initially your Glencraft mattress may seem small. This is totally normal and due to the mattress being compressed during transportation. The mattress will naturally recover to the correct size.
    • Please allow time for the natural materials to respond to your personal body shape and sleeping style. This process can take between 6-8 weeks with regular nightly use.

At first there may be a slight aroma due to the packaging and the high quality 100% natural materials used for Glencraft mattresses.

Please leave your mattress to air before making into the bed, for the aroma to abate.


    • Do not stand or jump on your mattress.
    • Avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress as this may damage the springs or border.
    • The handles are for positioning the mattress only,  please do not use to lift or carry the mattress as it may cause damage which will void the warranty.
    • Use a suitable, supportive bed base. We recommend to not use the mattress on a bed base with slats more than 7cm apart as it may void the warranty.
    • Do not bend or roll up the mattress.
    • Allow your mattress to air by turning back the bed linen each morning prior to making to allow the natural materials to breathe and for any moisture to dissipate.


    • To prolong the life of your mattress it is recommended to flip and rotate the mattress every two weeks for the first three months and monthly thereafter this also ensures even distribution of the internal natural materials.
    • The mattresses should be turned end to end as well as upside down.
Rotate your mattress


    • Flip the mattress 180 degrees so that the sleeping surface becomes the bottom surface.
    • The rotation is done by swapping the ends, head to toe.
    • Massaging the mattress sleeping surface by hand from time to time helps to retain an even consistency in the comfort layer.


    • Regular cleaning and care are required to ensure your mattress stays in excellent condition. Ideally your mattress should be cleaned every 3 months.
    • Gently vacuum your mattress with the soft furniture attachment.
    • It is recommended to not wash, launder or dry clean the mattresses as they are made from 100% high quality natural materials.
    • To remove stains, use a textile cleaner or furniture foam
    • Do not soak or apply stain remover directly to the surface of the mattress. We recommend spraying the cleanser onto a clean cloth and then blotting the stained area with the cloth.
    • Please do vacuum the bed base, underside of the mattress and the floor under and around your bed as dust can accumulate.
    • For optimum mattress protection, we suggest using Glencraft fitted sheets.